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From Internet to IoT, from 4K to 8K, from ordinary appliances to smart appliances…fourteen years, consumer electronics have changed dramatically. “Global Top Brands” Award Ceremony, which sponsored by Asia Digital Group, will be held on Jan.10th, 2024 at CES. The prizes will be awarded are: 

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CEO&CIO in Information Times, China Computer World,Digital Power Magazine, Overview of Consumer Appliance, Electronic Business, China Appliance Technology, Apple Daily, China Electronics News, China Information World, China Economic Information Network, IT Business Site, China Industrial and Electrical Website, and CNII.

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CCTV, Phoenix TV, Hong Kong Satellite TV, Guangdong Satellite TV, Shenzhen Satellite TV, Southern TV, and China National Radio.

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Phoenix New Media, NetEase News Client, and zaker. 

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