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Accreditation Criteria

-  Candidate brands are expected to occupy a position in consumer electronics industry in China, as well as enjoy certain popularity worldwide.

-  Enterprise is to fully understand its brand orientation to going global and its value and strategy in a long run, and thus is able to build concrete strategic plan and deployment. Enterprise is able to keep a certain quantity of shipments, maintain brand image, and have certain influence in global market as to products R&D and design. Brands is to be evaluated from the aspects of turnover, total profit and export delivery value.

-  Brand criteria include: self-dependent innovation planning, experience,prospect,  especially in regard to intelligentization, cloud computing, things of internet, 4G technology. Data criteria include R&D expenditure, number of patents, R&D inputs(the proportion of R&D expenditure in the turnover),etc.

Evaluation Focus

-  Critical Parameters: Brand global strengths, include overseas sales, and the share it takes in global sales, export delivery value, overseas promotion and promotional budget(the proportion of the budget in the whole spending), patents, brand innovation case.

-  Expert jury will give an overall evaluation from several aspects, like overseas planning of the brand, brand cognitive aboard, brand self-dependent innovation, international accreditation criteria, quality management system.