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About Us

Founded by International Data Group (IDG) in 2006, the Global Top Brands Award Ceremony (GTB for short) is a world-class selection event co-organized by TWICE and supported by International Data Corporation (IDC), an authoritative market research and analysis firm. Since its inception, the GTB has been held annually in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and released via CES Daily and TWICE. It has been committed to showing worldwide consumers the global consumer electronics brands, enhancing the popularity of major consumer electronics enterprises in the international market, and further promoting the development of the global consumer electronics industry.

Besides, the International Consumer Electronics Industry Leaders’ Summit is held concurrently. Enterprise representatives from the field of consumer electronics and industry guests from IDC and TWICE gather here to deeply discuss and analyze such hot topics as how the industry and brands of consumer electronics integrate with intelligent technology and how consumer electronics enterprises build core competitiveness, improve competitive advantage, promote industrial connectivity in the global market, and facilitate the internationalization of Chinese brands.

About Us