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About Us

About IDG

Founded in 1964, Boston, US, IDG (International Data Group) has been viewed as the world’s biggest technology media, research, exhibition and venture Investment Company.


IDG group now have its branches over 90 countries and regions. Based on the efficient E-mail system, database, telecommunication system, IDG can successfully reach its 13,370 professional researchers and editors with an international network.

The company releases over 90,000 market research reports and technological development forecast reports each year, and publishes over 300 relevant magazines in 25 languages; has 450 website; holds about 750 international and regional symposiums, market analysis meetings and product exhibitions all over the world; provides different directed information services. IDG have its extraordinary influence in the worldwide information industry.

About IDG China

IDG entered the market in China as early as 1979. It is the first Sino-American enterprise in China.


There are 4 main businesses in IDG: media cooperation, market research, venture investment and exhibition. Over the past 33 years, the business growth rate of IDG has reached about 50% in China, it is the highest rate among all the branches in IDG.


Media Publishing
IDG is the first American IT service company entering into Chinese market, publishing ComputerWorld, a Sino-US joint venture. Now, over 40 publication, include newspapers and journals has been operated by IDG China. 

Since 1998, IDG has introducing more the 20 world-famous consumer publications into China based its strategic partnerships with several major overseas publishing companies. Which including Chinese-language versions of Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Harper’s BAZAAR, and National Geographic Traveler.


Venture Capital
Since 1992, IDG Capital Partners has invested in more than 800 outstanding companies, including Andon, Baidu, China Finance Online, Ctrip, Hanting, Home Inns, Kingdee, Sohu, Soufun, Tencent, Wu-Mart and VANCL. The company has also successfully exited from over 180 investments by mergers and acquisitions or by IPOs in the U.S., Hong Kong and China.

International Data Corp. (IDC), a division of IDG, currently provides market research and forecasting services to more than 3,800 clients worldwide. The Chinese branches of IDC has R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Events & Conferences

As a branch of IDG, IDG World Expo now run two branches in Beijing and Shenzhen with nearly 100 staffs for exhibition, conference and project management.

Based on rich experience and our own advantages in this area, IDG World Expo now have run about 190 exhibitions each year. In addition, for the purpose of overseas publicity and promotion for enterprise and association worldwide, IDG World Expo also responsible for the organization and management for over 100 activities.


On one hand, we would like to attract our target customers with enthusiasm and good reputation through a variety of exhibitions, conferences and activities. On the other hand, we also help our clients enlarge their influence, and balance the relationship with their partners, and finally dominate this market.

About Us