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Exploring Digital Future: 2023-2024 Global Top Brands Winners to Be Announced
On January 9, 2024, the world-renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be unveiled in Las Vegas, United States again. According to official data, this event is expected to attract 130,000 visitors, 1,000 start-ups and 3,500 exhibitors. During CES, the highly anticipated Global Top Brands Award Ceremony (referred to as GTB) will also announce its official list. GTB, hosted by Asia Digital Group, European Digital Group, and TWICE, and supported by International Data Corporation (IDC), has been held for 19 consecutive years. Its objective is to promote exceptional brands and products to global consumers, unveil the status quo and trends of the global consumer electronics industry, and facilitate high-quality development within the industry. Seeking Role Models for Embracing Digital Future of Consumer Electronics Industry According to Statista, the global consumer electronics market is projected to increase from 947 billion US dollars in 2016 to 1.11 trillion US dollars in 2023. GfK has forecasted that in the latter half of 2023, the year-on-year growth rate of retail sales for technology consumer products will soar to approximately 11%, propelling the industry’s overall year-on-year growth rate to 4% for the entire year. The agency has also indicated that by 2023, the market size of China’s technology consumer product industry is estimated to reach about 2.2 trillion yuan, and is expected to reach 2.3 trillion yuan by 2024, with a year-on-year growth rate of 5%. It has been reported that this GTB, themed as “Innovation Shaping a Digital Future”, commenced its selection process in mid-2023. Following preliminary brand research, product collection, initial screening, expert review, and online voting, a grand awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on January 10, 2024, during the CES at Lafite Ballroom 1&2, Wynn & Encore Hotel, Las Vegas. This year’s selection assesses participating brands across four dimensions: industry popularity, global strategic layout, influence on the international market, and product innovation. The evaluation will involve a multi-dimensional analysis of global sales, overseas sales, annual product shipments, market share, successful brand marketing cases to delve into the development status of participating brands’ internationalization, overseas competitiveness, consumer experience, technological innovation and patents, overseas brand awareness, and international brand management. The final selection process encompasses three key dimensions: data evaluation, expert panel assessment, and online voting. Data evaluation contributes 50% to the total score and relies on authoritative third-party data sources such as IDC and GfK. The expert panel assessment accounts for 40% of the total score and involves globally renowned manufacturers, patent organizations, and hosts. Online voting makes up 10% of the total score. The primary objective is to evaluate the current state of the global consumer electronics industry and uncover emerging trends through a professional and rigorous selection process. Additionally, this initiative aims to provide a platform for global practitioners to gain insights into market dynamics, identify market opportunities, and establish partnerships. Moreover, the rankings aspire to assume a leadership role in the industry’s development, serving as a benchmark for the consumer electronics sector and fostering rapid, sustainable, and sound growth across the entire industry. The shortlisted brands for this year’s selection encompass top global brands in relevant industries, including Tesla, Apple, BMW, Siemens, LG, Samsung, Huawei, Haier, Skyworth, Changhong, TCL, BOE, Xiaomi, and Midea, among others. Chinese brands have received numerous awards in recent selections, showcasing the innovative power of “Intelligent Manufacturing in China” to the world. These achievements have helped to bring more high-quality Chinese brands and products to the global market. It is particularly noteworthy to observe the results for Chinese brands in this selection. Innovation and Development: Crafting a New Chapter in Consumer Electronics Industry’s Growth The integration and development of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), new display technologies, and satellite communications have ushered in a brand new era for the advancement of the consumer electronics industry. In the AI-driven digital age, there is a clear trend of intelligent terminals accessing large AI models, resulting in a flourishing landscape of AI applications at the downstream application level. The integration of AI with VR/AR technologies will further enrich virtual content and enhance R&D efficiency, considering the diverse application scenarios and comprehensive ecosystems. Regarding hardware terminals, smartphones are poised to dominate in terms of shipments and serve as the primary entry point for AI hardware usage. Smart terminals like smart TVs and set-top boxes also have the opportunity to transition from video control terminals to intelligent home devices. As AI applications continue to proliferate, their use will extend beyond PCs to mobile phones and IoT devices. AI intelligent hardware manufacturers are expected to enhance hardware value through AI models, leading the consumer electronics industry into a new cycle of innovation. The development of intelligent vehicles with electrification as the core has emerged as a significant trend in the consumer electronics industry. The global electric vehicle market continues to experience rapid growth, with China, Europe, and the United States leading the way. Smart vehicles have not only gained popularity but have also become a major category within consumer electronics. According to data from GfK, sales of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) in the Chinese market are projected to exceed 8 million units in 2023, representing a 29% year-on-year increase. In the European market, the year-on-year growth rate is 27%, while the North American market is witnessing a year-on-year growth rate of 44%, even though the sales volume is currently at 1.6 million units. Consumers are increasingly favoring smart vehicles, and global car manufacturers are accelerating their innovative changes. New players in the automotive industry are injecting fresh energy into the entire sector. The list of smart vehicles in this selection will undoubtedly be a major highlight of the release. Facing the continuous innovative development in the consumer electronics industry in the digital era, the Global Top Brands selection will also stay at the forefront of the industry and adjust the dimensions of the selection. In this GTB, six major rankings will be established: 2023-2024 Global Smart Phone Brands Top 10, 2023-2024 Global Innovative Vehicles Brands Top 10, 2023-2024 Top 10 CE Brands, 2023-2024 Global CE Brands Top 50, 2023-2024 Global TV Brands Top 10, and 2023-2024 International Innovative Enterprise Brand Award. During the release and awards ceremony, industry experts, representatives from manufacturers, and senior executives from the hosts worldwide will gather to explore and exchange views on the current status and trends of the industry. They will also share insights into the development trends of related product technologies, promote the six major rankings globally, and contribute to the development of the consumer electronics industry. Innovation propels development and lays the groundwork for the future of the digital era. Consumer electronics are set to usher in a new world for users.