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2018-2019 Global Top Brands released Chinese CE brands impress the world again

On 9 January 2019, the"2018-2019 Global Top Brands" Award Ceremony sponsored by the International Data Group (IDG)is held in Las Vegas, USA, concurrently with the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Authoritative experts in global consumer electronics (CE), business leaders, influential media, and CE enthusiasts gather at the eventto present suggestions and recommendations for the development of the global CE industry, discussing about a better future.

Seven major awards and multiple single awardsare unveiled at the ceremony, including "2018-2019 Top 10 CE Brands", "2018-2019 Global Smart Connected Device Brands Top 15", "2018-2019 Global Smartphone Brands Top 15", "2018-2019 Global TV Brands Top 10", "2018-2019 Global Smart Appliances Brands Top 10", "2018-2019 Global CE Brands Top 50" and"2018-2019 International Innovation Enterprises Brand Award". Through fierce competition, many brands win awards with their names announced at the ceremony, including Haier, TCL, Huawei, Siemens, SHARP, LG, SONY, Dyson,Philips,BOE, Skyworth, CHANGHONG, Lenovo, Midea, Gree, New Vision, Tuya, Meituan, Baidu, Royole, Sogouand DJI.

Global Top Brands witnesses industry development

As the most authoritative, professional and credible selection activity in the global CE industry and smart interconnection, the list of this yearis formed under the joint assessment and selection of global third-party data authorities, including IDC and GfK, the jury of global senior experts, and influential mainstream media, taking into consideration various aspects of global CE brands, including the globalization strength, global sales, overseas sales, brand internationalization, overseas competitiveness, technological innovation and patents, overseas brand recognition, brand management, and consumer experience, while the use of digital technology to promote the transformation of business model, alternate technology products, and achieve deep integration of technology and business modelis taken as an important assessment indicator.The release of the list not only fully embodies the scientific and technological innovation ability and comprehensive competitiveness of the award-winning brands, but also reflects the importance of "Global Top Brands" in steering the development of the global CE industry, and has received extensive attention from industry authorities, CE enthusiasts and global media.

In recent years, digitization has quietly replaced informatization. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), big data, new technology and other cutting-edge technologies, CE products will enable holographic reconstruction of the real world.Smart appliances, smart travel, smart hardware, wearable devices, new materials, and connected devices with smart systems will permeate all aspects of life, changing the way we live and work.In addition to showcasing digital products such as CE products, communication hardware, software and services, and electronic components and materials, the brands also present futuristic technologies of independent research and development at CES.The showis lightened by many eye-catching products, including the huge-screen intelligent IV relying on 8K, OLED, quantum dots, lasers and other latest display technologies, the driverless electric vehicle with new AI technologies, the smart mirror integrating multiple functions, the world's first ultra-thin laptop with stylish appearance and aesthetic design, and the cross-domain networking device featuring security and robustness.The emergence of more new technologies and products indicates that the CE industry has entered a new era of smart upgrading and digital leapfrogging.

Chinese CE brands impress the world

Haier, TCL, Huawei, BOE, Skyworth, CHANGHONG, Lenovo, Midea and Gree continue to perform prominently, winning the "2018-2019 Top 10 CE Brands" among the seven major awards unveiled in the selection activity. Among them, TCLis awarded the "2018-2019Global Smart Connected Device BrandsTop 15", "2018-2019 Global Smartphone BrandsTop 15", "2018-2019 Global TV BrandsTop 10", and "2018-2019 Global CE Brands Top 50".Skyworth and Changhong are inscribed in the lists of "2018-2019 Global TV BrandsTop 10" and "2018-2019 Global CE BrandsTop 50" while Haier receive the awards of "2018-2019 Global Smart Appliances BrandsTop 10" and "2018-2019 Global CE BrandsTop 50".

Inthecompetitionfor"2018-2019InternationalInnovationEnterprise Brand Award", Tuya is awardedthe"AI IoT Technology Innovative Platform",followedbyMeituanthe"Global Unmanned Distribution Robots Creative Leadership Award",BaiduApollothe"World's Leading Brand of Autonomous Driving Open Platform",BaiduDuerOSthe"Best AI Interactive System Platform",Royolethe"Global Leader in Flexible Display and Sensor Technologies", Sogou the“Global AI Industry Top Brand of the Year”andDJIthe"UAV Innovation Technology Award".

Foxconn-enabled SHARP AQUOS 8K TV has been awarded with“The Excellent Leader of 8K Visual Effect of the Year”,SHARP Professional 8K Camcorder 8C-B60A win the“Innovation Gold Award of 8K Camera Technology”.Inaddition,Skyworth,CHANGHONG,TCL,RoyoleBaiduandNewVision,also winanumberofspecialawards. Skyworth65S9A(65XA9000)the"AI Smart Dual Ecosystem TV Experience Gold Award",CHANGHONGCHiQC7UTwinthe"Global Top Technology Progress Award of the Year",CHANGHONGCHiQARTISTthe"Global Best Smart Television Industrial Design Award of the Year ",TCLX10QLED8KTV"8K TV Gold Award of the Year",TCLBlackBerryKEY2the"Global Security Smartphone  Innovation Award of the Year",RoyoleFlexPaithe"The Best Global Mobile Phone Breakthrough Innovation Award 2018",andBaiduDuer Video Smart Speakerthe"Intelligent Interactive Product Innovation Breakthrough Award of the Year",NewVision winthe"Household Multi-scenario AI Smart Terminal Innovation Award".