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Wisdom creates brand, Start new ecology of consumption

In recent years, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies developed prosperously and the global consumer electronics market is transitioning and upgrading to high-end, intelligent and healthy direction. The consumer electronics is the most rapid field of technology refresh and products iteration, and is also an important engine in electronic information industry. The consumer electronics with trends and characteristics of intelligence, interconnection and easily control made a disruptive change of human life and brought a powerful boost of transitioning from traditional manufacturing to wisdom creating.

To the day of 2017, the mobile internet technology has penetrated every aspects of resident life, the organic combination of traditional industry and mobile internet technology has produced many unexpected results and our life is becoming smarter. The artificial intelligence and Deep Learning will be applied in more areas. It was estimated by IDC that artificial intelligence services will be used into 40% of global digital transformation projects in 2019, and by 2021, 75% of business enterprise applications will use artificial intelligence. More than 50% of consumers will interact with the customer service robots and over 90% of the new industrial robots will be assisted by artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence will vigorously promote evolution of intellectual products, such as self-driving cars, drones, smart homes and so on, and enable the new generation information technology including Internet of Things and cloud computing. The future intellectual products around artificial intelligence, 5G, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies will create a new world for brands.

The current global consumer electronics industry is at a critical period of transformation and upgrading, and consumer electronics has been an important part and basic support of the target of China’s manufacturing power strategy and network power strategy. In the medium and long run, consumer electronics will show the following three trends: 1. Full screen of smartphone appearance, which specified in the rapid upgrading of OLED permeability of higher-end models; 2. Interactive 3D and the AI of the chip, the acquisition and representation of depth information will drive the interactive revolution of intellectual hardware; 3. With the exchanging multidimensional factors, the valuation reconstruction logic of high quality consumer goods still exists.

The ‘Global Top Brands’ set the stage to show the strength of overall technological innovation for ‘going out’. Through the comprehensive assessment of global strengthincluding overseas sales and proportion of global sales, export delivery value, region and quantity of export countries, overseas publicity and promotion budget, independent invention patent and case of brand innovation,overseas strategic planning, overseas brand awareness, independent innovation of brand enterprise, international certification standards, quality management system and other aspects of brand, and expert group selection, net voting and other patterns for 9 months, award ‘Top 10 Consumer Electronics Brand’, ‘Global Smart Phone Brands Top 20’, ‘Global Smart Connected Device Brands Top 20’, ‘Global Top 50 CE Brands’, ‘Global Smart Appliances Brands Top 10’ and ‘Global TV Brands Top 20’. The Reception Dinner will be held at Lafite Ballroom 4&7 of Wynn Las Vegas, 17:00-20:00, January 10, 2018. All representatives of winning brand and global consumer electronics industries will be gather there. We will witness the brand upgrade from ‘manufacturing’ to ‘wisdom creating’ at this historical node.