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IDG’s Global Top Brands Award was announced, and Hachi Smart won the AI Interconnection Innovation Award

IDG’s Global Top Brands Award was announced, and Hachi Smart won the AI Interconnection Innovation Award


CES 2020 kicked off in Las Vegas, USA on January 7, 2020. As a concurrent event matching CES since 2006, the “AI · Evolutionary Era: 2019-2020 Global Top Brands Award Ceremony & International Consumer Electronics Industry Leaders’ Summit” sponsored by International Data Group (IDG) was held on January 8. Hachi Smart, a young startup engaged in artificial intelligence, won the “AI Connection Innovation Award” awarded by IDG.

Zeng Hua, CEO of Hachi Smart, accepted the award


At the event site, Zeng Hua, CEO of Hachi Smart, having the medal of “AI Connection Innovation Award” and elaborated his views on the future “AI+ Living” model to the media and industry participants present.

Zeng Hua, CEO of Hachi Smart, participated in the leaders’ summit on the spot

“Three Doors” for Smart Life

Zeng Hua shared the corporate strategy of Hachi Smart on the spot: to extend the concept of smart home to smart community and achieve product differentiation in such a market gap as smart community. The specific process is as follows: first, there is a single smart device to provide single tool-level applications, making it possible for individual and families to be intelligent; next, the building units are interconnected with courtyards and public areas, and then the entire residential community is intelligently covered.


Experiencing the stage from “whole-house intelligence” to “whole-area intelligence” in its business, Hachi Smart has formed the product system as follows:


Puppy Cube and Hachi Infinite, the smart touch projection devices, serve as entrance products for smart families.


Hachi Bingo, the health service robot, is applied to connect family and community medical and pension institutions and provide health services.


Hachi Auto, the driverless commuter car, addresses the moving demand of people from community gate to each building unit.


Hachi Homey, the intelligent vision technology solution, can cover the public areas of the community, providing a more user-friendly security monitoring experience.


Hachi Delight, the intelligent logistics robot, marks the final piece of the puzzle. It connects the access control of each building unit from the community gate, and then extends to users’ front doors to provide unmanned distribution service.


Over the past two years, Hachi Smart has made rapid progress in its overall business. It has promoted the landing of scenarios in the national project, verified the market demand of the smart community, and continuously improved its operational capability and iterated products through big data analysis, embarking on the road of large-scale delivery. Hachi Smart has successively served more than 100,000 users.


Technological integration and perfection of AI ethical regulations

Zeng Hua held the view that AI will make the home experience more personalized. From the perspective of Hachi Smart, the interaction with AI is not limited to voice, and technologies of vision and smell etc. will be involved. In the meantime, various application scenarios and technologies are integrated, bringing better overall scene experience. Zeng Hua also raised a warning to the industry from the aspects of data security and user privacy, etc.: AI technology and applications are developing rapidly, but there are no matched AI ethics and relevant laws and regulations yet. Therefore, there is an urgent need for vigorous construction to win the recognition of B-end and C-end customers in forms of updated thinking and expression.