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“2019-2020 Global Top Brands” Awarding Ceremony In the Era of AI, Technology Changes Business

“2019~2020 Global Top Brands” Awarding Ceremony

In the Era of AI Evolution, Technology Changes Business

“2019~2020 Global Top Brands” Awarding Ceremony, which was organized by International Data Group, was held during CES in Las Vegas, USA on January 8th. Global enterprise representatives and technical experts from consumer electronics area attended the Ceremony and explored development opportunities for consumer electronics industry in the era of AI evolution.

In 2019, both 5G and AI had become engines for driving consumer electronics technologies; user experience had become a focus of consumer electronics enterprises; global consumer electronics market had showed a satisfying trend of development; an era of intelligence had started. After evaluating for half a year, six major awards – “2019~2020 Global Top10 Consumer Electronics Brands”, “2019~2020 Global Top15 Smartphone Brands”, “2019~2020 Global Top15 Smart Connected Device Brands”, “2019~2020 Global Top50 Consumer Electronics”, “2019~2020 International Innovative Enterprise Brands” and “2019~2020 Global Top10 TV Brands” – and single awards were released in the Ceremony. Many brands were granted with awards, including Apple, Samsung, TCL, Changhong, Huawei, Haier, Siemens, BOE, Panasonic, Canon, Qualcomm, Toshiba, Philips, LG, Sharp, Dyson, Leyard, Hachi Intelligence, Yumi Technology and etc.

Develop Together, Technology Changes Business

The Evaluation List of Global Top Consumer Electronics Brands was generated by global authoritative third-party data institutions, world-class senior expert evaluation panel and well-known mainstream media through assessing hardware qualities of enterprises, including globalization strategic planning, product R&D capacity, independent innovation ability and etc.; the innovations conducted by great consumer electronics brands about beautiful future were revealed. Tim Scannell, Strategic Information Director of Chief Executive Council (CEC) of IDC, gave a speech on perspective of global community strategy, he believed that international consumer electronics enterprises were the ones which explore electronic consumption capacities and expand smart global connections, and GTB provided an open sharing environment for international consumer electronics brands to exchange their experiences.

Under fast digitalized development, industry media also plays an important role. Bill Gannon, Vice President & Global Editor-in-Chief of Future PLC, pointed out 4 new AI trends: communication with AI at any place and any time, new opportunities for more products and services; automatic AI, autopilot is a hot topic; AI consumer products are being gradually standardized to meet consumers’ needs; personal customizations of AI products for work, life and other scenes have been realized.

Markus, Global Strategic Insight Manager of GfK, presented both current status and future of technological consumer products on aspect of big data, analyzed from perspectives of customers, brands and retail, and pointed out trends of technological consumer products, including convenience, high quality, borderless shopping, sustainability and etc.


Face the Future, AI Evolution Shows Unlimited Vitality

In 2020, AI will maintain as one of major topics of CES. According to data from Gartner, AI enhancement will create USD 2.9 trillion of commercial values and 6.2 billion hours of works in 2021. In fact, AI technologies had been adopted in household electrical appliance industry, which was therefore empowered. On one hand, mainstream household electrical appliance manufacturers had used AI technologies for their whole industrial chains; on the other hand, with the development of AI technologies and IoT environment brought by 5G, combinations of smart hardware technologies and household electrical appliances are quickly used for corresponding scenes.

Before presenting awards, a conversation about “AI·Era of Evolution” was held among Zhang Li – Vice President of IDG China, Haier, Changhong, TCL, Leyard, Amazfit, Puppy and representatives from News Guangdong. Chen Lucheng, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Haier COS IOT Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., introduced how Haier industrial Internet brand COSMOPlat provided customized services to users under scene ecology; he pointed out, as an open co-creation and win-win platform, COSMOPlat based on large-scale user experience-centered customization mode, empowered traditional enterprises to transform from large-scale manufacturing into customization, and to realize ecological win-win for stakeholders. Qin Jianjun, General Manager of Product Planning Center of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd., said that future household Internet would be more active, future consumer products would positively research consumers’ activities, Changhong would commit itself to generating personalization and differences and focusing on information safety. About 8K ultra high definition video technology, Zuo Bo, Deputy General Manager of Product Center of TCL Corporation, discussed the influences brought by upgrading and iteration of IoT technologies on connection and linkage. Li Jun, Chairman of the Board and President of Leyard Group, proposed the importance of large-screen TVs among future AI smart household electric appliances. Fan Bin, Co-founder and Vice President of Amazfit, and Zeng Hua, CEO of Beijing Puppy Intelligent Robot Technology Co., Ltd., respectively shared their opinions about smart home by introducing their smart wearing products and logistics robots. From angle of media and combining the “Research of China Consumer Electronics Market and Insight Report of Consumers in 2020” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), which was recently released at site by Nanfang Economy Think Tank of News Guangdong together with Peng Lin Studio, Peng Lin, Deputy Director of the Studio, announced great achievements obtained by China smart manufacturing enterprises in recent years. According to the “Report”, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Mi, OPPO and Vivo are global top6 brands with the most smart phone shipments, three of them are from Guangdong Province; she told that over 1 billion smart phones were shipped around the world during the first three quarters of 2019. On aspect of brand distribution, relatively stable new top6-brand layout had formed in world market, and three of them are from Guangdong Province, China; it is obvious that Guangdong enterprises enjoy both brand and scale advantages in global smart phone market. 

With Originality, China's Consumer Electronics Brands Have Unlimited Potentials

Under the six awards evaluated for “2019~2020 Global Top Brands”, many Chinese brands were granted with single wards, including TCL, Changhong, BOE, Haier COSMOplat, Honor, Amazfit and etc. Under single awards evaluated for “2019~2020 Global Top10 TV Brands”, BOE Artwork Image Display S3 won “Gold Award for Display Product Innovative Application of the Year”, TCL X951 won “Gold Award for 8K QLED TV of the Year”, TCL NXTVISION™ won “Innovative Visual Display Technology of the Year”, Changhong CHiQ 65Q7ART 8K and CHiQ C8UT respectively won “Gold Award for Household Ecological Experience of the Year” and “Global Laser Display Technology of the Year”.

Under singles award of “2019~2020 International Innovative Enterprise Brands”, Haier COSMOPlat won “Global Top Industrial Internet Ecological Brands”, Amazfit won “Top Noteworthy Smart Wearing Innovative Enterprises”, Hachi won “AI Connection Innovation Award”, and Yumi Technology won “Smart Atomized Portable Device Innovation Award”.

Under single awards for TV, mobile phone and smart connection, Leyard LANAR AI Smart TV 100A90S and PLANAR Micro LED 135Y90S respectively won “Gold Award for LED TV Technological Innovation of the Year” and “Gold Award for Micro LED TV Technological Innovation of the Year”, Honor won “Global Top 5G Smartphone Innovation and Breakthrough Brands of the Year”, and Amazfit PowerBuds won “Top Wireless Sports Earphones”.

 “2019~202 Global Top Brands” evaluation activities had been successfully finished, and a new journey is ahead of us. Look into global consumer electronics industry in 2020, AI will develop rapidly and undoubtedly drive enterprises in the Industry to innovate and reform. In the era of AI, motivations of enterprises shall be moved from inside toward outside, management shall be upgraded, and it is significant to form more complete industrial information chains. Consumer electronics are no longer luxury products, instead, they are becoming daily necessities for ordinary consumers. Under trend of the time, we will explore “AI·Era of Evolution” of global consumer electronics together with “Global Top Brands”.