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Casting A Sword in A Decade, Great Wall Computer Is Ranked Among "China´s Leading Consumer Electrics Brand" for The 10th Time

On January 7, 2015 US time, the " 2015-2016 Global Top Brands" award ceremony was held at the International Consumer Electronics (CE) Show. The campaign was sponsored by International Data Group (IDG), which had been successfully held for nine times before, with an intention to demonstrate the strength of China´s leading CE enterprises in an intensive and integrated way, and introduce China´s CE brands to the world from multiple dimensions. As one of the national team in China´s information industry, China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Company Limited (referred to as Great Wall Computer) received the honor again by virtue of its unceasingly innovative high-tech products and highly competitive brand, and it is the tenth year for Great Wall Computer to win the honor. Ding zihui, Assistant VP of Great Wall Computer, was present at the grand gathering, and received the honor on behalf of Great Wall Computer.

As an emerging industry in recent years, cloud computing follows personnel computer and Internet evolution to be deemed as the third IT revolution for its broad market prospects. Chinese government has also been attaching great importance to the development of the cloud computing industry, and listed cloud computing technology as one of the national key projects in the "12th five-year" national strategic emerging industry development planning. At present, rather than being just a concept, "cloud" is gradually integrated into people´s lives. Great Wall Computer has introduced a number of technological innovations and national technology invention patents, cloud computing solutions integrating hardware, software and implementation services, as well as a series of outstanding cloud industry solutions, such as medical cloud, car networking cloud, park cloud, IDC cloud, education cloud, logistics cloud, retailing cloud and desktop cloud, etc. Moreover, in combination with its years of experience in IT manufacturing, Great Wall Computer has developed such mobile terminal products as self-controlled terminal products (such as desktops, AIOs and servers) and tablet PC, laptop and Cloud Terminal Mini-box, which are provided with completely independent intellectual property rights, using domestic processors, including Feiteng, Loongson, Zhaoxin and Shenwei.

With the development of cloud computing technology, the security issues are also being gradually revealed, attracting attention from the state, enterprises and individuals. With its access to the field of self-controlled computer, Great Wall Computer has been maintaining at a domestic leading level backed by CEC´s internal electronic resources and its long-term accumulation of technology, as well as the core technologies in the key areas, such as dependable computing, secure storage, computer underlying security and virtualization. In addition, Great Wall Computer has extended its footholds in information security to cloud computing, whereby a series of cloud security suites, cloud security products, cloud security storage products and cloud management product lines have been developed, proving a full range of security and protection.

Great Wall Computer, as a backbone enterprise under China Electronics Corporation (referred to as CEC, one of the world´s top 500 enterprises), has developed into the world´s largest R & D manufacturer of display , the world´s third largest R & D manufacturer of LCD TV, China´s largest R & D manufacturer of computer power supply, as well as a well-known provider of cloud computing solutions and services in China, playing an irreplaceable role in China´s electronic information field together with an important role in the international electronic information industry chain.

In recent years, Great Wall Computer has been boosting the industry transformation and upgrading, actively implementing "the transformation from middle and downstream to middle and upstream of the industry value chain, and a transformation from production-oriented to core technology and integrated solutions and services", whilst planning in the strategic emerging industries, as well as facilitating the industrial structure integration and product structure adjustment. Furthermore, based on the years of technology accumulation and innovative development, it has been ranked in "China´s Leading Consumer Electronics Brands Top10" in ten consecutive years, continuously highlighting the brand strength.