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Coolpad won three international awards

-- Chinese brands shining on the global stage

"2015-2016 Global Top Brands Award Ceremony" sponsored by International Data Group (IDG) was held during the world-renowned 49th International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the USA, on January 7th, 2016. Mr. Josh London, CMO of IDG, announced the results of "2015-2016 Global Smart Connected Devices Top 15" and of "2015-2016 Global Smart Phone Brands Top 15" on the awarding ceremony, which is a big event forthe CE industry every year. The Chinese brand Coolpad won two prizes, marking the second consecutive year for Coolpad to enter these two lists. Coolpad MAX, the winner of 2015 Smart Phone Information Safety Gold Awardbecause of its remarkable security performance, attracted the worldwide attention and showcased the unique charms of cell phones featuring connected technology to the CE customers globally.

Coolpad won three international awards

The two award lists, namely "2015-2016 Global Smart Connected Devices Top 15" and "2015-2016 Global Smart Phone Brands Top 15", were the highlight of the "2015-2016 Global Top Brands". Initiated by IDG and International Authoritative Data Research Center (IDC), the lists are based on authoritative research data from IDC, making comprehensive assessment of the global smart connected devices and smart phone industry in 2015. Nearly 400 global top media and CE companies participated in the awarding ceremony and Mr. Josh London, CMO of IDG,unveiled the winners of all categories in person.

Among the winning brands announced by Josh London, Coolpad and other Chinese famous brands won the titles of "2015-2016 Global Smart Connected Devices Top 15" and "2015-2016 Global Smart Phone Brands Top 15", along with international brands, such as Samsung and Apple. In terms of the individual award, Coolpad MAX won 2015 Smart Phone Information Safety Gold Award for its superior security performance.

Coolpad: Upgradingfrom traditional technology to Internet-oriented

In recent years, with the accelerating integration between CE product and brand new Internet technology, including mobile Internet and smart-connected technology, smart connected devices and smart phones have won increasing favors among global customers. Founded 22 years ago, Coolpad has undergone multiple transformations and reforms of its products and brands. Today, it is among the country´s leading smart connected device brands, appealing domestic customers.

Coolpad Corporation started with producing paging system in 1993. Ten years later, it expanded its business into the R&D and manufacturing of the smart phones. In 2005, Coolpad established its leading role in smart phone industry by launching Coolpad 728, the world´s first CDMA\GSM dual-mode and dual-standby smart phone. Then in 2009, the corporation made great efforts to enter the key market of 3G striving to become the leader in this regard. Cool-Cloud Platform was launched in 2010, providing Cloud Application Services, such as Cloud-Security and Cloud-Sharing. The year 2013 witnessed the birth of its first PMCC concept, aiming to comprehensively promote the mobile Internet. In the same year, Coolpad ranked third and top seven in smart phone sales in both domestic and international market respectively. In 2014, it accomplished its goal of being the leader in 4G area. In 2015, Coolpad laid stress on developing new business. It initiated the security function in dual-system and actively engaged in creating internet ecosystem, which won Cooplad numerous awards and achievements.

2015 was a year that domestic telecom operators slashed marketing and operating budget due to the increasing curve of smart phone homogeneity. Under such circumstance, the Coolpad Corporation made a careful assessment of the market and switched its strategy focus to building the eco system combining "hardware+software+channel+user". At the same time, traditional mobile manufacturers suffered great loss as numerous internet manufacturers entered the market. Unlike its peers who expanded online market with new self-brand, Coolpad chose to partner with internet companies to promote the online market. Specifically, it established partnership with LETV, and made a series of strategic cooperation, including co-establishing super ecological system, developing cell phones and applications. As a result, Cooplad offset its weakness in the aspects of cell phone contents and ecological service, and possessed the advantage of resource integration. By quickly possessing the DNA of mobile internet, Coolpadhas enhanced its competitiveness capacity in the Internet+ era and embarked on the journey of transformation from a traditional mobile manufacturer to an internet-oriented smart phone maker.

On December 15th, 2015 the second World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, and Coolpadwas one of the two cell phone brands invited to participate. At the conference, Coolpad showcased its achievements of transformation as well as expressed its willingness to participate in the construction of internet community of common destiny with more open attitude and in a sharing manner.

Dual-system of Coolpad MAX strives to be the world standard

The CDMA\GSM Dual-system and Dual-standby technology, exclusively launched by Coolpad, won the second place in National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, which is by far the highest award in smart phone area. Later on, the technology has been popularized and become a international standard. At present, with information security becoming another consumption hot spot, experts believe that how to protect information security to the maximum on the open system of smart phone has topped minds of manufacturers. Despite the presence of safety-oriented cell phone in the market now, most of them mainly rely on the pre-installed security software that can only protects at the level of application while overlooking the most critical part which is hardware protection. What´s more, the security software mainly functions as afterward treatment when it is too late toremedy.

Previously Coolpadcooperated with China Telecom to develop Paton Security System, the pioneering product protecting cell phone security. Nowadays, Coolpad MAX, another safety smart connected device, has upgraded Coolpad´sexclusive dual-system, safeguarding the users´ information security while not limiting theirdemand for freedom when surfing the internet.

Dual-system installed in Coolpad MAX means one cell phone boasts two completely independent system, namely one opening and sharing system in which various applications can be freely operated and one closed security system for four kinds of technologies, which are dual-system isolation, sensitive message processing, data encryption, and controlled software installation. The closed system provides powerful and effective protection and solution forkey safety scenarios, including avoiding payment details and other financial information being stolen due to cell phone virus, keeping from malicious identification, and averting potential safety hazard in download and installment of software. It is worth mentioning that Coolpad MAX, with its strong focuses on hardware development, guarantees "the real safety"from the root level. Moreover, the APPs available in its build-in security financial store refrains from danger at its source, providing beforehand risk prevention.

With its technology strength and keen sense of market demand since the very beginning, Coolpad has made tens of millions of worth investment annually in cell phone security field, and successfully createdCooIUI, CoolSafety and other concepts. Coolpad has not only made an unprecedented improvement in terms of cell phone security, but also received title of National Cloud Security and several other national security recognitions from ISCCC, and so on. By virtue of its outstanding performance in cell phone security, Coolpad MAX lately was awarded "METIS Safety cell phone in 2015" in "2015 Mobile Smart Connected Devices Summit". Today the device won "2015 Smart Phone Information Safety Gold Award", another evidence that Coolpad has successfully seized the high ground in security development. Today´s world sees the surge of information security problems, which gives us the reason to believe that the day is not far off when the cell phone security system developed by Coolpad becomes aninternational standard.

"The arrival of the smart era transformed the landscape of cell phone industry. Any technology upgrading and progress means an opportunity for Coolpad´s innovation. This year, Coolpad received the awards of Global Top 15 Smart Phone Brands and the Global Smart Connected Devices Top 15, which demonstrated the market positive response to our innovation. In the context of transformation, Coolpad will follow the path of innovation-driven development in order to meet the market demand. Besides, we will further increase investment in research and development, continue innovation and seek to make breakthrough in high-end market so as to become a global-renowned brand of telecom products", said Cao Jingsheng, Vice President ofCoolpad, atthe"International Consumer Electronics Industry Leaders´ Summit" before this awarding ceremony.