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“2016-2017 Global Top Brands” Selection is in Full

Nowadays, intelligent life experience has been one of dreams that modern people keep pursuing. In recent years, rapid development of such new technologies as smart home, wearable devices and VR have brought another intelligent innovation to consumer electronics. In addition, new generation information revolution has greatly changed the consumption and usage habits of consumers toward consumer electronics. Intelligent and internet-enabled consumer products have been increasingly preferred by consumers and truly made available to consumers. 

In order to further lead consumer electronics brands to embrace new revolution, enhance the market competitiveness of global consumer electronics brands in a more effective manner and better display brand image, “2016-2017 Global Top Brands” selection organized by International Data Group (IDG) is in full swing. This year’s selection focuses on distinctive charm of consumer electronics under new technological tide and further improvement of product image and user experience through individualized, smart and internet and other technologies. Several world-renowned consumer electronics enterprises have taken active part in this year’s selection, including Haier, Changhong, TCL, Lenovo, Huawei, CEC, BOE, ZTE, etc. 
Nowadays, with new technology tide, a large number of products like wearable devices, smart home and Internet household appliances are ubiquitous. Above all, these smart products have gradually integrated to sought the total solutions for improving people’s life and gradually formed an emerging technology ecology. Meanwhile, curiosity and adaptability of consumers toward hi-tech products will bring new revolution to the consumer electronics market. With constant development of technology, interconnection between smart home devices is gradually becoming mature. Some more advanced and user-friendly control systems, intra-family interactions and ways of entertainment will be new highlights of the consumer electronics industry. 
Therefore, in the new technology era, if consumer electronics brands around the world would like to be recognized and preferred by consumers, they must reboot brands through technology, keep innovating in design and user experience, and manifest new concepts of smart life and intelligent life to consumers through new consumer electronics. Themed by “Technology Reboots Brands, Intelligence Creates Future”, the “2016-2017 Global Top Brands” selection builds a stage for showing the entire technological innovation strength of global consumer electronics brands and for comprehensively presenting vitality and competitiveness of consumer electronics brands in the context of new technology. 
 “The Global Top Brands” selection is organized by International Data Group (IDG) and supported by IDC and CEO & CIO in Information Times. Based on innovation of consumer electronics manufacturers in technology, design, interaction, user experience and so on, the selection aims at showing distinctive charm of consumer electronics under new technological tide, further boosting development of global consumer electronics industry and brands and facilitating  consumer electronics enterprises to expand global influence in a better manner. It has been 10 years since the launch of “Global Top Brands”. Over the decade, several Chinese consumer electronics manufacturers including Haier, Changhong, Lenovo, BOE, CEC, ZTE, etc. have entered the world via “Global Top Brands”, while more international consumer electronics manufacturers have entered China and obtained recognition of Chinese consumers.
It is reported that this year’s Global Top Brands Event is themed by “Technology Reboots Brands, Intelligence Creates Future”. At the selection, several lists will be evaluated and selected, including “2016-2017 Global Top 50 CE Brands”, “2016-2017 Global TV Brands Top 20”, “2016-2017 Global TOP Smart Connected Devices Brands”, “2016-2017 Global TOP Smart Phones Brands” and “2016-2017 TOP10 Brands from China”. The award ceremony will be held during CES in Las Vegas in January, 2017 to reveal the award-winning brands. At the award ceremony, a series of activities will be held at the same time, including IDC’s report on trend and development of consumer electronics industry, International Consumer Electronics Industry Leaders’ Summit and Global Smart Terminal Leaders’ Summit. 
Ms. Jennifer Xu, Vice-president of IDG Asia indicated that through products shown at CES in recent years, it was evident that consumer electronics tended to be intelligent. The tendency is more focused on human-machine interactive experience. Moreover, the people-oriented concept was more and more obvious in consumer electronics. VR, Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Things and intelligentization, once called “black technology”, has really entered our life. Therefore, in the eleventh year of “Global Top Brands”, we have raised the theme of “Technology Reboots Brands, Intelligence Creates Future” and intended to comprehensively show unique charm of consumer electronics to consumers based on innovation and reboot of consumer electronics manufacturers in technology, design, interaction and user experience. Only in this way can consumer electronics enterprises create a better future.
What will be the development trend of future life? Definitely, it is technology. After a decade, driven by innovative technologies in the intelligent age, the global consumer electronics industry will take a new leap and bring a new round of development opportunities to brands and enterprises. Let’s witness the list of “2016-2017 Global Top Brands” and appreciate the power of technological innovation.


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